Old Testament Resource Guide

As a part of my job, I have the opportunity to develop LibGuides, online guides that integrate curriculum development and library resources. I have just completed and made available an Old Testament Resource Guide that introduces students to the primary literature of the ANE and Old Testament along with linguistic reference works, academic journals, and institutional databases for research. LibGuides can be reused at other institutions who subscribe to the LibGuide service, and I encourage any professors or librarians to reuse and build upon my content, and I’m always open to constructive criticism. If you are interested in the academic study of the Old Testament, the resources in this guide are ones with which one should be familiar and interact.


4 thoughts on “Old Testament Resource Guide

  1. One thing I didn’t notice was works on the Deuterocanonical books. You have several important works on the Pseudapigraphal books, but none that I noted on the Deuterocanonical. (Though it is also possible I simply overlooked such). Also, I wondered if you should include the NIDOTTE and the TWOT under TDOT? Thanks for sharing this. I’ve passed it on to the librarian where I teach (Providence University College and Theological Seminary) in Canada in case she was not aware of it already.

    1. Yes, I had been meaning to add those resources before publishing the guide. They are, in my opinion, the least important, but I’ve included them since they are used by some.

  2. Hey Joseph Kelly. Excellent work on the OT Database! I have a link on lawprophetsandwritings.com, and I look forward to steering students and colleagues to the portal. Thanks for all the hard work on putting this together.

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