SBL Student Policy Change (Singular!)

From the 2011 council statement just released:

The guidelines for student participation in the Annual Meeting are slightly modified from those announced last year:

  • All first-time presenters (full and student members of SBL) must submit the paper to-be-read to the program unit chair(s) during the call for papers period.
  • Student members of SBL may participate in two sessions as presider, panelist, or respondent but are limited to only one paper presentation.

I assume these are the only changes we are to anticipate. If so, then it looks as though the only new restriction is the limitation to present a single paper as opposed to two. I suppose there are some who would prefer greater restrictions on student presenters, but compared with the original emendations to the policy as it pertains to students, I believe this is a major improvement.

We owe our thanks to the Student Advisory Board who made our concerns heard and to John Kutsko and the SBL Council for listening to and acting upon our concerns!


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