Days 2 and 3 of SBL in Atlanta

Yesterday I began my day with the Church of Christ professors meeting, a time for those associated with Churches of Christ to get together and worship before the conference gets started. It was an early morning, but an enjoyable one. I attended session reviewing Seth Sanders’ The Invention of Hebrew. I read the book this summer and was intrigued by it. The reviewers were very thankful for the book (some jealous that they hadn’t written it first). I then presented my own paper which, with a little tweaking, will be included in the soon-to-be-published Texts@Contexts Exodus and Deuteronomy volume. Following that I spent some time in discussion with different individuals, eventually getting into a rather long conversation with John Anderson and James Spinti. We (eventually) made our way to the blogger dinner, but my visit was brief as I needed to catch up with the friends I have been staying with. We made it to the place we are staying while in Atlanta rather late, but we were able to sleep later than we had the day before.

Today began with the session entitled What Biblical Scholars Wish Christian Ethicists Would Start/Stop doing with Scripture. Again, my long time favorite Terence Fretheim responded, but I was disappointed that, for reasons I am unaware (I missed the first few minutes of the session), Stanley Hauerwas was not present to respond to Dr. Fretheim or the other presenter. Following that session, I attended the blogger luncheon set up by John Hobbins and had such a wonderful time getting to know the people behind the blogs I enjoy reading. It was unfortunate that some people were getting served with their food just moments before the Blogging and Online session started. I enjoyed the session, a rather lively one including everything from LOLcats to Jim West in a snuggie! Following that I decided to call it a day given that I remain rather exhausted from the events of the weekend. I want to get an early start tomorrow and am looking forward to the session covering character ethics from the wisdom books. A former professor and friend Pete Enns will be presiding and I have not had the good fortune of running in to him thus far. All in all this has been a wonderful weekend, and I am already looking forward to next year’s conference in San Fransisco!


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