SBL, the Hebrew Bible, and Climate Change

I will be presenting my paper, “What Would Moses Do? On Applying the Test of a False Prophet to the Current Climate Crisis,” on Sunday, November 21st at 1:00pm at the SBL convention in Atlanta next weekend. Feel free to click through and read my paper (14 pages double spaced). In it, I connect the negative posture of Deuteronomy 18:18-22 with the skeptical persuasion of our present society regarding the scientific “oracles” of climate change. In my paper I make three suggestions about how the larger tradition of prophecy in Israel can contribute to the way in which our society reflects upon the challenges faced in adjudicating between the scientists and the skeptics.

Yesterday James McGrath raised the issue of The Bible and Climate Change. James’ concerns echo my own, and his post raises issues I was unable to address in my paper. See also today’s post by Steve Wiggins.


3 thoughts on “SBL, the Hebrew Bible, and Climate Change

  1. Let’s get coffee some time during SBL. I’d love to hear about how your Ph.D work is going and ask you some questions about doing well in the M.Div.

    I look forward to at least hearing you read.


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