Bible Haikus

Dr. Platypus had the rather clever idea of creating haikus for books of the Bible. It would be very neat if enough haikus were written to cover all the books of the Bible. The following is my contribution, the Torah as haiku (do forgive my inability to capture Genesis by a single haiku).

Genesis 1-11
in the beginning
an edenic harmony
disrupted by sin

Genesis 12-50
humble beginnings
to become a great nation
seed, covenant, land

let my people go
torah and tabernacle
Yahweh’s deliv’rance

consecrate yourselves
off’rings and sacrifice
be holy like Yah

honeymoon gone bad
complaining in the desert
forty year sojourn

hear O Israel
Yahweh is God, he alone
the ten commandments

As an added bonus, my wife, who is obsessed with haikus (and more clever than I), decided to chime in and provide an alternative Leviticus haiku:

menstrating women
turtledoves for poor people
leprosy on walls


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