Bibledex Ecclesiastes Video

Bibledex has posted it’s latest video on the book of Ecclesiastes (HT: Cryptotheology):

With all due respect, I am not impressed with this video. Most of the discussion concerns pop cultural interpretations of the book, over a minute of the 3.5 minute video is dedicated to the Byrd’s rendition of Pete Seger’s song which terribly misinterprets the force of Ecclesiastes 3. Additionally, discussion of the main word often translated “vanity” concluded that the word ultimately means, as the NIV translates it, “meaningless.” This is as grievous a mis-interpretation of the word as associating it with modern conceptions of vanity (i.e. “you’re so vain, I bet you think this song is about you”). Ultimately, I feel people who watch this video and know nothing about Ecclesiastes will remain largely ignorant about what is actually going on in the book after having viewed the video. I appreciate the work Bibledex is doing, but I am sad to say this is not one of their better videos.

I have blogged about the significance of the word translated  “vanity” and of the message of the book of Ecclesiastes in the past.


3 thoughts on “Bibledex Ecclesiastes Video

  1. I don’t remember all the one’s I have seen, but I don’t remember disliking any of them before the one on Ecclesiastes. I can recall viewing Genesis, Habakkuk, Matthew, 1 Corinthians. T

  2. Cool, well thanks for taking the time to watch and write so much, even if it was not full of praise!

    There’s plenty more to come, and I can assure you it will be equally mixed…
    When you’re making 70-odd videos about a series of books that, at times, seem repetitive to the non-expert, I think it is important that they are all different and don’t become a kind of “Bible video by template”…

    And I like that the odd video takes a completely different and unexpected approach, even if it earns me the odd rebuke! :)

    I can promise I get just as much stick on my videos about quantum physics!

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