Video on Biblical Inerrancy

Here is a short clip on biblical inerrancy. Given that I am presently discussing the topic, I figured it would be worth posting (HT: Jim Getz).

Father Matthew does not really argue why he rejects the concept. For that, he says, you will have to attend an Episcopal church.


4 thoughts on “Video on Biblical Inerrancy

  1. Joel, I VERY MUCH agree with you that the issue is deeper than presented. Additionally, I know that there are some who strongly adhere to inerrancy that could be offended at a statement like “So if you want to see how some of us read the Bible without checking our brains at the door . . .” I am not completely against this language, given the type of video this is (and they type of “YouTube ministry” Father Matthew is involved in). But I know that some people will not care to see it this way and will over react, sort of like what happens in the blogosphere day in and day out when people get all up in a hissy for so-and-so posting this or saying that.

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